Happy new year! Wish you all good.

A new year is a new beginning, and a new opportunity to improve your skills, to become a better person, a better developer and make the diference in people's lives.
How to start? In my opinion, we should understand what we did wrong in 2019 and do not repeat in 2020, maybe it's the easier way.

Get some criticism

A good developer always care about the quality of his code, what other people will think about that and how to improve yourself. A good option to get some criticism about your code is the Rubycritic gem, it's a really nice quality report of your Ruby Code.

So, don't waste time, install it and run it.


Add the gem to your Gemfile...

gem "rubycritic", require: false

...and bundle it.

bundle install

If you run in your terminal (and inside your project's folder) the command rubycritic, you will see something like that:

Rubycritic terminal

Wait a few seconds (or minutes depending on your project) and a new tab in your browser will open with content similar to this:

Rubycritic browser tab

Here we already can see some interesting things:

Rubycritic browser tab

Details about the code smells, duplicated code, variables not used and etc. You also can access specific folders passing in the URL like this:




if you have a services folder in you application.

To start, that's it.