I always wanted to have a Drone and take incredible pictures in my city or during my travels, but in Brazil the price of these kind of products is awful.
So, in the middle of 2019 i decided to bought my first drone, a DJI Spark, it cost me around $750 (R$ 3.000,00) on MercadoLivre.com and after 7 days my Spark was delivered. On my first contact i found him very small and didn't see much potential, but after taking my first pictures i was really excited.

My first picture at my father's farm

First picture with DJI spark

After my first picture i searched videos in Youtube about Spark and how to make great photos and videos with it. For my surprise, there's a lot of techniques to make pictures and videos with drones. From recording, the angle to editing the photo in an app like Photoshop.

Also for my surprise Spark is a great low cost drone, even if you are in 2020 when we talk about quality of pictures and videos and you don't want to spend some hundreds of dollars in a drone, here it goes some of the things i could do with DJI Spark.


Pirapora MG with DJI spark

Paulo Afonso - BA

Paulo Afonso with DJI spark

My wife at Porto de Galinhas - PE

Paulo Afonso with DJI spark

What about videos?

Well, in my opinion the videos are so good as the pictures. Like i said about the images, i will leave here one little video and you decide if it's good or not.

You can watch a video made with my spark here:


That's it! I hope you enjoy this post if you want to buy a Spark or another drone from DJI, totally recommended.