Hi, my name is Anchieta, i am a Ruby and Javascript developer, currently focused on Ruby on Rails and React projects.

Latest Reading

The Passionate Programmer

Read some good comments about this book, i will update my opinion about this soon.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

This is really a "mind changer" book about personal finance and how you deal with your economy model. I strongly recommend.

The art of war

The art of war is a book to think about all situations in your life, specially the professional ones. It makes you think about your strategies and understand the different kinds of fields you can walk.

Deep Work

This is a book about to think how we can run from a distraction world with social networks and how to be focused for long periods only in your work.

The power of the habit

A very nice personal development book, this one explores the science about how we can create or rebuild our habits.

The miracle morning

This is a book about personal development and the author presents a method to improve yourself waking up one hour earlier and practicing what he calls "The six life saviours".

Why we do what we do?

This is a short-page book that reflects on what we do and how we could do better through our choices.